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Personalized, Interactive and

Engaging !

Neon Mobile has built a Customer Engagement Platform by creating an interactive conversation between a business and their customers to provide the best mobile experience.

Highest Grade Features

Our platform provides all the tools to give your customers a state-of-the-art, mobile-first experience.

Suite of Apps

Built in set of applications for all types of businesses with new ones added all the time.

Coach & Trainer

Our Recommendation Engine provides real-time dynamic training for the business owner. Starting with improving business content quality all the way to highlighting business opportunities for growth.

Content Automation

Our Publishing Engine allows a business to work like an agency with a content calendar and events that will automatically publish and expire on schedule.

Neon Mobile Menu App


Every application can be customized and tailored to each business without coding.

Targeted & Personalized

Provide a personalized experience for each customer through targeted promotions, behavioral or interests mapping, only delivering relevant and timely content.

Campaign Management

Promotions, coupons, and contests are able to be shared to multiple social media channels to promote your business. Each campaign can be for a single location or a group of locations.


for everyone

of any type and size.

Our solution can scale from one Mom & Pop to a 10,000 location Franchise. Menus, services, hours, discounts, promotions, locations, reviews, etc., all available at the touch of your customer’s fingertips. Any type and any size of business can find their foothold on our all-encompassing platform.

Neon Mobile Watson & Location App
Smart Cities

Neon Mobile is providing the core technology to enable the average citizen to have a fully integrated living experience. The 22 City Link Platform will contain several layers of functionality from the basic infrastructure and connectivity all the way through integrated artificial intelligence and big data applications. The Neon Mobile Platform will provide the mobile experience for the citizen and the glue to connect the applications together. The Neon Mobile platform will provide the ability for each business or application to customize or tailor their experience through our dynamic mobile application framework.

Smart City
Global Brands

Neon Mobile has several solutions for big brands — our enterprise platform is readily deployable to 1000’s of locations. Our immersive user experience and dynamic content provides for an ever-changing and engaging user experience. Businesses can use push through marketing, campaigns with coupons, promotions, savings cards, gift cards and loyalty cards through mobile push, email, text message, voice interaction and much more. Experiences and conversions can be measured across locations or regions. Sophisticated statistics as well as subtleties like customer sentiment are available in a user friendly dashboard. Our recommendation engine provides ideas, insights and help to make sure all initiatives are completed correctly.

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Small & Medium Businesses

Neon Mobile’s platform runs out-of-the-box for any small to medium business. With the same ability as enterprise accounts, the small business can interact and grow their business. The Neon Mobile platform supports almost all business types in service, restaurant and retail industries. Whether your conversation is about dry cleaning or dry martinis, the platform has the answers.

Small and Medium Business

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